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Life in Style

Yesterday I visited the LifeInStyle trade show. I saw lots of beautiful products and got thoughly overwhelmed with choice. There were hundreds of stalls. I am hoping that by this time next year I will have a stall myself. Nothing like setting a target... right!?!

While I was there I caught up with Thea from Thea and Sami and got to see her lovely fabric in the flesh. Her designs are very elegant. It was also great to meet a fellow blogger and her husband, it is a shame that Melbourne turned on the worst of its weather for them. It was frezzing and wet yesterday.

I also managed to catch up with a woman that I greatly admire, Carla, from Emotional baggage. She has designs and produces wonderful handbags too. They are quite different from the designs I produce but they are however beautifully made, also here in Melbourne. Carla is an inspiration to a budding handbag designer like myself. So if you are looking for something a bit different to what I do, I can highly recommend her.

I also met fellow bag designer Simon King, also a lovely person, also based here in Melbourne. His designs work well for the man in you life too. Check out his stuff at All the kings men. Again his designs are very different to mine but also great. Sorry I can't seem to manage to make the link work but it is worth goggleing him if you are looking for a man bag.

I met several other designers while I was there and I will attempt to conect you to them in later blogs. Some very nice jewellry!


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