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Recent discussions about our health and fitness prompted my husband-The Master Chef (The MC) and I to get gardening again.
Last year inspired by the TV program Master Chef, The MC came up with many mouth watering dishes and gastronomic delights every weekend. First thing Saturday morning he would make the trip to the Queen Victoria Market to pick up the latest and freshest ingredients.

All Saturday afternoon the house would be filled with tantalising aromas and in the evening we would all feast until we were way past full. Washing it all down with a good drop or two.

It is wonderful to witness a man discovering his INNER CHEF. Not only did I not have to cook, (I do this every other day of the week) or do the shopping, (I am so over that), but I got waited on and felt like every weekend was a birthday. However all this food and gluttony has taken it's toll and has not done the best for either of our figures. Picture -Botticelli, you know what I mean?

This year we have taken a fresh approach we ripped out the old woody and terribly overgrown rose that took up half the back yard and planted our own vegie patch. With a few little flowering bushes around the outside it makes a great addition to the garden.

Each evening I pick fresh herbs and salad vegetables for our dinner and they taste wonderful, even the kids love them. So it won't be long until I am finding my inner skinny person again. I know she is in here somewhere.


  1. Your veggie patch is in such rude health - isn't it great to have a green garden for a change?? As for the waistline issue - I'm there with you! After quite some weeks of healthy eating the birthday season is proving difficult. Ah well, just have to detox this weekend!

    And there is a benefit - our wine isn't disappearing so quickly these days :)

  2. Yes Fiona, I think I have had more AFD's (alcohol free days) in the last fortnight than I have had all year. I have to say I am feeling much better for it too :)


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