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Out and About

Do you ever feel totally overwhelmed? Sometimes by the things you say you are going to do? And sometimes by the things you know you really should do?

I do! But I have found a wonderful cure. It's called Out and About.

Last week when The MC and I were feeling really over whelmed by our waist lines and or lazy health probs, we went for a long walk. Yeah I know it seems like the simple answer to everything "exercise". But what if you hate exercise?

The beauty about being Out and About with a friend in particular, is that you really don't notice the fact you are doing any exercise at all. You are too busy talking to notice you are walking. The MC and I had the best conversation we'd had in ages and along the way we spotted lots of weird and wonderful sights.

We were offered a $60 meat tray for $15 (a bit suss), and we saw a man dressed as a boxer, in his silk shorts and the whole kit and kaboodle, gloves and all (it was about 12 degrees). He was walking down the middle of the road trying to pick a fight with the oncoming traffic. We saw a man whose toupee had been mangled in the washing machine and we saw some wonderful shop windows full of the last of the winter stock going cheap.

When we got home we reflected that we are not in bad shape after all. Our minds are actually quite clear and life is full of opportunities. Even the opportunity to exercise without pain. I Love my life! How about you?

Speaking of Out and About I am doing a GUEST POST on ART MIND check it out.


  1. A walk around my suburb certainly doesn't offer up any cheap meat trays but in spite of that fact, I do love my life and try to appreciate that every day. I love my little family, I love the lifestyle we are able to have, I love the fact that I am creative and that I have the time and energy and resources to indulge in that creativity. I do not love exercise, however, but recognise that at my age it is a necessary evil that hopefully will let me keep loving all the other things for some time to come.

  2. Welcome to DaVia Designs Tas. I think we might be on the same page.
    x Davia


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