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Finished Product Nerves
Do you ever get scared when it comes time to hand over the finished goods. I do!

The MC decribes it as a MATCH DAY tummy. He is a cricketer (more about that at another time). Anyway, I start to get sweaty hands and  a strange feeling in my tummy. I think this comes from the time, effort and emotion that goes into creating every piece I make. It is hard not to become personally attached. I worry whether my client will love my product as much as I do.

Nothing to worry about.
There really is nothing to worry about when you do your work completly and with love, because it shows. It is the little things that make all the difference. The double stitching, the attention to detail. That is what is so great about handmade products. They aren't just churned out on some mass production line, they are crafted and handled gently. They are given time to develop and really are perfect.

The Perfect Bag
I have been working on the perfect bag for travelling. It has to be big enough to carry a purse, passport, a small camera, mobile phone and lip stick. And yet small enough not to make your shoulder ache or for other people (children, husbands etc.)  to be able to put anything else in it. Have you ever noticed that when you have a large bag you end up becoming the pack hourse? Story of my life. SOooooo.... You can't fit that water bottle in my bag, no way, carry it yourself! PERFECT!

These are a couple of little beauties I whipped up this week, and they fit just the right amount!
I am off to Italy and Spain in a couple of weeks with The MC (who is that man?). Kids are staying home (that is another story too, it's the first time I have left them in about 14 years). I'll let you know how the bag travels. But I know it's gonna be great.



  1. Thanks 'The divinitus' Yes it is a bit like that. It is quite an emotional event handing over things you have handmade, especially to people you may never see again. You just have to trust that they will love them. :)


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