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Spring Forward into Action

Normally I am not one to comment on politics. But I just can't resist in this time when we are not sure of the outcome of our federal election.

At present it looks a lot like a hung Parliament, the question now is; Who can form Government?

But my question is; How are they going to form a govt that can really work?
Does the opposition really have to be in opposition to everything the Govt. puts forward?
Why is there an expectation to oppose?
Is there an opportunity present here for a Govt. that works with all sitting members to really determine the best outcomes for our country?

What would that take?

As our weather is Moving Forward into warmth and sunshine (a welcome change) and our minds and bodies get into Real Action (we could all do with a bit of that) is it too much to hope that our pollies are thinking the same way and considering ways in which they might work together?

Just a thought :)



  1. That plum is spectacular. And perhaps it is setting an example for our government - be bold, don't hold back, get on with it, be productive, be beautiful!


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