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Recently I have been watching the landscape change. Everyday there is something new.
I just love observing the ways that people live and share their lives with others.
Ours is a quiet community and we really don't get in each others way. But there is something nice about being recognised and it is great to get a smile and a nod or a wave as you walk around the block.

This is a photo of what can be seen from my bedroom window.
Some really great trees that green up the landscape, but mostly views of other people backyards, sheds and garages. These are typical examples of some of the older parts of suburban Melbourne.

Hills Hoist
There's the old Hills Hoist (a dying creature and an icon of Australian Heritage) I can only see three in this picture but I know there is five. They become move obvious when they have clothes on them.

The Italian Veggie Patch
Amongst the concrete there is a lush garden that keeps one of the neighbouring families in fresh herbs and veggies all year round. And come tomato season, the fires will billow smoke as the sauce making begins again. Yum! Follow this LINK to Gardening Australia's web page on creating a great Veggie patch. Lots of interesting things to look at here.

Urban Growth
There are three houses currently being extended, and the closest one looks like it just might be massive. I don't know if it is because this is just what we humans do these days, make everything bigger and better or whether there is genuine need for this huge increase in size, for example more kids on the way or aging parents moving in. But this is also a sign of the times in Suburban Melbourne. I actually believe that this higher density living is necessary for the sustainability of our population and it's growth. I don't have much positive to say about the urban sprawl and often query the sense in creating outer fringe communities, that seem to spring up out of nowhere over night and have very little infrastructure. It also points to the unbelievable cost of housing in inner Melbourne and towards the fact that many people have little choice.

I would like to see pics of your local environment, community and backyards. If you are happy to share I am happy to post. I intend to make THE VIEW  a regular feature.Send your pics to Davia



  1. Like you my heart feels heavy when I think of the urban sprawl. I also wonder how our children will ever be able to afford a place of their own.

    Our outlook is a little different, since we back onto a park that's not looking as pretty as it should right now! There is so much living going on in your view - thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for your comments too Squirt Baby. Sometimes I think I just write this for myself alone. Still I am finding this a great experience and it really is making me pay a lot more attention to the things going on around me, plus sharing is fun.
    :) Davia


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