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Choose day

Welcome to Choose day.

Since I got back from my trip I have had a little trouble getting back into the swing of things. I feel as though there is heaps to do and really I don't know where to start. Business has stalled for a while and I know that I "SHOULD" be producing things for the summer/Christmas period and attacking my work as I had planned. But words like "SHOULD" totally kill creativity.

Italy and Spain provided me with inspiration overload. I saw so much colour and art that the mind boggles. 'Wow.... I could do this' and 'I could do that', but what to do first that is the question. Just like this lollie stall at the market in Barcelona there is SOoooooo.... much choice.

So I will start today by being HAPPY and see where I go from there. I am CHOOSING the day just as it is and everything that comes into being today will be perfect.

Yes even a day full of SHOULDS can turn into something colourful and yummy.

Also below is a little photo The MC took of me at the Barcelona Market. I am not a big fruit eater, but I do like it when someone else cuts it up and hands it to me on a plate. I know I am lazy like that, and a whole fruit just doesn't do it for me. I only have a little mouth (some may disagree). This stall made fruit hard to resist.
Oh La!


  1. Charlie and the chocolate factory eat your heart out!

  2. I know!!! Love that movie. The one with Gene Wilder is always a fav.


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