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Where have you been?

I have been hiding my head in a cave, climbing mountains and traversing rivers. Where have you been?

No really...that's just day dreaming, I haven't actually been doing any of those things, but what I have been doing is very exciting. I have returned to an old love and have been mosaicing my fingers off. I am mosaicing in my sleep. Seriously! My hands just keep going even when I'm not. I am dreaming about mosaics. In fact I had a strange woman try to give me tiles in my dream the other night. Scary!

The real reason for my absence is that I currently have a large commission for an exciting new residential development here in Melbourne's northen suburbs called PROVIDENCE. Land is on sale at the moment and I don't want to spoil the surprise of the finished products just yet. So it is still all a little hush, hush, but I can provide you with a couple of photo's of work in progress. There will mosaics at the front entrance of the estate and scattered throughout the central park. over 28m2 in all. Hence the need for mosaicing in my sleep. That is a lot of mosaic for one person.
A section of the front entrance mosaic in progress
4.6m x 0.8 m

Some of the fantastic colours being used

Some paving inlays in progress

More paving inlays in progress

My messy studio in action, not a lot of room for painting right now.
Typically after a long time away from writing it is hard to know what to say. The longer you are away the harder it is. So if anyone has some tips for me on how to overcome the writers block please leave me a comment or let me know via email.

I will be posting updates on the exciting PROVIDENCE mosaics as I create them (installation of the front entrance is only 2 weeks away).


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